Pesach (Passover)

Kiryat  Yam,  Krayot 🇮🇱

Kiryat Yam, Krayot 🇮🇱

I frantically paced outside my apartment in Talpiot, waiting for my Gett driver (Israeli version of Uber) to pick me up. At last, an elderly fellow drove up and helped load my luggage into the trunk of his car, but not before quipping, “Goodness! Did […]

Talpiot,  Jerusalem 🇮🇱

Talpiot, Jerusalem 🇮🇱

The gorgeous Talpiot Mizrach was my last location in Jerusalem. When I was still planning my trip back in NY, I had multiple offers from so many wonderful people to spend the first days of Pesach with them. However, by some odd coincidence, every offer […]