Museo di Roma🇮🇹

Museo di Roma🇮🇹

Like I mentioned in my previous entry, the Museo di Roma deserves its own blog post, so this is me doing my due diligence.

In what is architecturally a palace, you will find some of the best Italian works, by the likes of Caffi and Gai. You can fully immerse yourself in their work by taking a closer look at their paintings of famed piazzas and comparing our time to theirs. What is so drastic a change one moment can quickly translate into a subtle one the next. You will still see strolling friars, street performers, and children at play. When art crosses over into reality, that’s when you know you’ve discovered a bit of magic.

‘Interior of the Colosseum with Festival Flares’ byIppolito Caffi, 1845
‘The Tiber River’ by Unknown Artist, 18th Century
‘Festival of Artists’ by Ippolito Caffi, 1844
‘Princess Elisabeth Brancaccio with her children in the Via Merulana Palazzo’ by Francesco Gai, 1884
‘Saltarello dance in Piazza Barberini’ by Bartolomeo Pinelli, 1821

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