Poe Cottage in The Bronx

Poe Cottage in The Bronx

Poe is a big deal to me. His work has always provided an eloquent gothic escape. I knew of his tragic history and read the in-depth biography of his life, but there isn’t anything quite like being in his home, walking his stairs, peering into the room where his wife drew her last breath.

The cottage is located in the Fordham vicinity of The Bronx. Back in the day, this location used to go by ‘Westchester’. Poe Park and Poe Center are right near the cottage which provides a tributary trifecta in honor of the late poet. My favorite work of his remains to be “The Raven”, with its gruesomely beautiful telling; the way each stanza flows so perfectly when recited aloud. His poem, “The Valley of Unrest” and his short story, “The Fall of the House of Usher” both come in as close second.


This visit was a quick, but necessary one. A $5 donation is asked upon arrival, which I think is perfectly viable; the cottage needs all the upkeep and donations it can get. It’s clustered between bustle, construction, vandals, disinterested passerby. I’d like to have seen Edgar’s home in a more suburb-friendly fashion, but that wasn’t the case. If you’re a fan of gothic literature, I would definitely recommend a visit to Poe Cottage.

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