Like I mentioned in my week 1 post, I am soulfully an East Coaster and initially didn’t get the whole California appeal. Though I don’t have a total change of heart, I’m still happy to report that LA is remarkable in less conventional ways, such as its wildlife, street art, and eco-friendly lifestyle.

Week 2 started off with a solo hike through Griffith Park. I chose to hike the bird conservatory trail and spotted many species, but given the midday sun, I didn’t get many photos; (in part because of the blazing heat, in part because shadow composition post-noon is horrendously unphotogenic).griffith park - Copylesser goldfinch female


At this point I still hadn’t met up with my dear friend, Steff, so we set up an impromptu hangout in Downtown LA. If you’ve never been there before, I can argue it’s quite similar to many Downtown vicinities throughout the U.S. From an observant New Yorker’s standpoint though, I’d say they tried really hard to make it resemble midtown Manhattan. That could of course be my mind playing visual association games, but after seeing the uncanniness, I instantly felt at home. Obviously, the scattered palm trees, modern touches, and lack of NY charm was a solid giveaway, but I digress.

DSCN8792 - Copy


We headed to the Skyspace to get a feel of the city from up high after trying some new-age coffee. It was consistent of dates and organic nuts–not the best combo for a morning pick-me-up, but I’m always up for trying new things.


I later took a solo stroll around town. The one thing I really missed was being able to walk wherever I wanted like I did back home, so wandering the bustling streets for an hour was exactly what I needed. I highly suggest checking out the Main Library right in the heart of Downtown; it’s absolutely beautiful!

DSCN8795 - Copy

The following day, I met up with Luvan, one of my hostel gal pals from Venice to go explore the California Science Center. She’s a physics major so naturally this was on her agenda. Having always been fascinated by Egyptology and Egyptian history, I was pretty excited to witness King Tutankhamen’s treasury, which was a featured exhibit at the center. I say ‘excited’, but truth be told, I have mixed feelings on the whole ‘unearthing a king’s resting place to turn a profit’ ideal. Nevertheless, the exhibit of this 19-year-old monarch was captivating and eye-opening.

Regretfully, I forgot to pack my DSLR for my road-trip to Malibu and the Getty Villa. Luckily, my phone captured the many aesthetically-pleasing tiled floors and that one corridor fashioned after Roman distinction.


I ended my time in LA with a quick trip to Santa Monica. I have to say, it has NOTHING on Coney Island, but this was one of the few days I got to explore completely on my own. Harnessing that freedom and total lack of agenda, I walked from Santa Monica to Venice Beach getting my step-count in for the day, all the while enthralling how soon I’d be back in NY.

santa monica - Copy (2)santa monica - Copy20180626_113058 - Copy - Copy


4 thoughts on “LA: WEEK 2”

  • You took beautiful pictures! I’ve heard that LA is a lot “slower” than NYC, though I can vouch for that personally since I haven’t been to LA myself. California strikes me as exquisitely beautiful, though.

    • NY is definitely fast-paced, but I still think it depends on where you are in NY. LA was definitely beautiful, but I don’t think I’d go back unless it was for work haha. I feel any place you travel to can be fun and rewarding, as long as spend your time in the company of wonderful people. In my case, it was new and old friends. The people make the trip extraordinary.

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