Exploring DUMBO

Exploring  DUMBO

I’m quite certain many people don’t even know what DUMBO’s acronym stands for: Down under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass. Back when Brooklyn was becoming the hyped up scene it is today, (for hipsters and trust-fund babies anyway), Dumbo seemed to be the first neighborhood everyone flocked to. Some streets feel like a different era entirely; cobblestone paths coupled with former trolley tracks. Commissioned street art decorates this entire town with some of the most enigmatic, yet beautiful works. Every year, Brooklyn Bridge Park features an outdoor art piece. My favorite so far has been the monumental ‘OY/YO’ sculpture by artist Deborah Kass.

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Aside the innumerous art galleries and the famous Jane’s Carousel, Brooklyn Bridge Park neighbors St. Ann’s Warehouse where a great many live performances take place.

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Brooklyn Bridge (BROOKLYN BRIDGE PARK, BROOKLYN, NY)_Fotor1 - Copy

DUMBO is also home to my favorite chocolaterie, Jacques Torres. From all their NYC locations, I favor this one due to its chic exterior and quiet street. Their macarons are especially delicious as are their chocolate-covered citrus delights.

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I remember discovering Pearl Street Triangle’s greenmarket, (otherwise known as the Down to Earth farmer’s market), one day while strolling the neighborhood. I distinctly remember it was just after spotting Sarita Choudhury grabbing some coffee; I walked a few blocks further and voila, a range of locally grown crops gracing the tables of eager vendors. Fresh produce surrounded by chic boutiques + an excellent view of the iconic Manhattan Bridge towering above=a very happy Brooklynite.

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