Talpiot, Jerusalem 🇮🇱

Talpiot,  Jerusalem 🇮🇱

The gorgeous Talpiot Mizrach was my last location in Jerusalem. When I was still planning my trip back in NY, I had multiple offers from so many wonderful people to spend the first days of Pesach with them. However, by some odd coincidence, every offer fell through. Understandably, this holiday is unpredictable, so I was never 100% guaranteed accommodations. I was fortunate enough to find an apartment within walking distance to the Chabad of Talpiot, where everyone was so warm and welcoming. I spent my seder in the finest company; people from France and Iran, an elderly couple, and beautiful little children running around asking the four traditional questions in their sing-song manner. (And not to insult anyone who’s kugel I’ve tasted, but the kugel I had that night was probably the best I’ve ever eaten.)


Talpiot is a quiet little neighborhood, and while beautiful, there wasn’t much to do. Being me though, I wandered around until I found a few memorable things to photograph. Many many stairs were involved.


And with that, the Jerusalem portion of my trip had come to an end. Before leaving for northern Israel, I poured myself a glass of wine, went on the porch and enjoyed a stunning sunrise overlooking this spirited city one last time.

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