Shuk Machane Yehuda 🇮🇱

Shuk Machane Yehuda 🇮🇱

From as far back as I can remember, Machane Yehuda has always been on my bucket list. When I finally got a chance to go 4 years ago, it was everything I imagined it to be. This time around, I remember being very pressed for time. It was Erev Pesach, (as well as Erev Shabbat), plus I needed to check out of my AirBNB. But I was determined to visit the Shuk before leaving Jerusalem. With just under an hour to spare, I grabbed my camera and quickly navigated my way there.


The weather was exceptionally chilly and rainy. Nevertheless, this expanse radiated so much color, so much life. Pigeons rested upon the Shuk’s many structures on the lookout for scraps. Every shop was worn with reputability; vendors shouting their wares, musically changing volume to better draw us in. I got myself an overpriced watermelon and mint smoothie, which I normally wouldn’t do, but I think that was my only splurge throughout my entire trip. I got all giddy when I found persimmons on sale and bought about a dozen of them, (maybe to compensate one poor purchase with a slightly better one…who’s to say).


With my time being so limited, I couldn’t properly get any street portraits of the locals, which was a huge disappointment, but if I learned anything from this, it was to manage my time better in the future.

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