Israel Museum 🇮🇱

Israel Museum 🇮🇱

One of my biggest highlights from Jerusalem was the very impressive Israel Museum.



Vincent Van Gogh’s 1888 piece, Corn Fields and Poppies, was awe-inspiring. The strokes of this post-impressionist painting had me transfixed.

Corn Fields and Poppies by Vincent Van Gogh, 1888
Corn Fields and Poppies by Vincent Van Gogh, 1888

Additionally, their European art collection was just the right fix for my mild obsession with The Baroque Period. Seeing Jacob Jordaens’ work before my eyes had me geeking out. Now normally I don’t like artwork that depicts overindulgent Dutch characters, but The King Drinks! (A Twelfth Night Feast) made me feel something. In this case: minor disgust, but that only proves how spectacular the detailing is and how emotion can be drawn through talent and vigor.

The King Drinks (A Twelfth Night Feast) by Jacob Jordaens, 1645

Being the only one downstairs wandering through the European rooms, like those of French Bourgeoisie and English charm, was pretty cool…and kinda eerie.




I also loved the synagogue reconstructions. I’ve never seen such historic craftsmanship in that form before and it was like stepping into a completely different time & space.


Their fairly new installation of The Dead Sea Scrolls, with artifacts from as early as the 2nd Century (!) is an absolute must-see! I wasn’t allowed to take any photos, which is unfortunate, but if you do get a chance, navigate your way around the courtyard until you find it.

From the Israel Museum’s extensive Judaica dating back hundreds of years to spotting Monet’s artwork, I could not recommend this museum enough!

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