Tower of David Museum 🇮🇱

Tower of David Museum 🇮🇱

Of all the cool museums I’ve been to, the Tower of David has been the coolest! Firstly, it’s historically situated in one of the oldest cities in the world, so that ups its rating by a thousand. Plus, part of the museum’s infrastructure is made up of stones that date back to the 4th century!


Roman-Byzantine period, circa 4th century C.E.


Learning about the downfalls and successions of the people that traveled through these very grounds was mesmerizing. Studying the ruins of ancient civilizations, once belonging to great warriors and rulers, introduced a whole new perspective in how I witness and absorb history.


Replica depicting Romans carrying sacred object from the Jewish Temple
Stone from the Hulda Gates leading to Temple Mount during Herod the Great’s rule


Though the Tower of David holds no true correlation to King David himself, it still provided me with the most EPIC cityscape view I’ve ever had the privilege of photographing. I had to wait to be granted access to the very top since the workers were setting up for the museum’s famous light show, (a night spectacle I’ve heard great things about, but didn’t get a chance to experience). This gave me a chance to explore the little nooks of all the neighboring towers.



I think it goes without saying, if you ever find yourself in the Old City, give this place a visit. You will not regret it.

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