Rechavia, Jerusalem 🇮🇱

Rechavia, Jerusalem 🇮🇱

I recently came home from Israel and I find it daunting to properly convey all that’s happened over the course of the three weeks I was there.

But I’ll try my best.

There will be more posts here where I explore other cities, museums, and vicinities within Israel during this trip. Be sure to check it out!


This was my second time visiting The Holy Land, (my first visit was generously provided by Taglit 4 years ago). In contrast to Birthright, I wanted this trip to be more family-oriented and grounding, which I’m happy to say it has been. When setting up my itinerary, however, I knew I wanted to make this a solo trip and spend the first half of it entirely on my own.

After landing, I checked into my AirBNB in Rechavia, Jerusalem. Rechavia is best described as a humble mix of flower shops and secret walkways. Luckily, my first location was central to everything; Israel’s Parliament, about a 30-minute walk to the Old City, and plenty of local bus lines.


I got to explore neighboring attractions, like the Jerusalem Bird Observatory, Wohl Rose Garden, and Gan Sachar, (all free by the way!). I was particularly thrilled by all the new bird species I got to log by the Nyman Pond and greatly thank the JM Bird Observatory for doing the wonderful work they do. It took about 1.5 hours to snag a good photo of the Palestine Sunbird, but it was well worth it.


Palestine Sunbird
Nyman Pond


Wohl Rose Garden, adjacent to the Bird Observatory, is home to a multitude of rose species, hence the name. No one was there when I went so it was a quiet place to sit and relax after a whole morning of exploring.


Gan Sachar, (or Sachar Park), was right across the street from my apartment. I took morning strolls and found perfect patches of grass to just sit and meditate.


I’m incredibly glad I chose Rechavia to be my first stop; it kick-started an awesome, memorable trip in Israel!


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