Central Park Treasures

Central Park Treasures

There’s nothing quite like Central Park in the wintertime. I’m not talking about the ice-skating rink or this year’s Winter Jam. I’m talking about the lesser-known gems this park holds. I won’t go so far to suggest these are hidden treasures, (cinematic classics and corny rom-coms have scouted these very locations). Though, be it for personal interest or historical purpose, I place great value in these sites, and I wanted to share them with you.

(Note: Due to Central Park’s massive size and my being a terrible NY-native, I still haven’t visited all the well-known spots like the Conservatory Garden, Alice in Wonderland sculpture, or the Vine Arch Bridge, BUT, that’s a post for another day.)



Bethesda Terrace & Fountain

I’m always able to spot wintering birds, (namely Red-Tailed Hawks and Bluejays), from the terrace. Below, there’s the beautiful “Angel of the Waters” fountain, created in 1842 by Emma Stebbins. Stebbins was the first woman whose artwork was commissioned in New York City. How awesome is that?! And of course, there’s the Minton tiles gracing Bethesda Arcade’s ceiling. It’s always so serene and timeless in there.


The Mall aka Literary Walk

What writer would I be if I didn’t include the Literary Walk? Essentially, there are notable statues of celebrated writers on either side of this pathway. Here’s William Shakespeare, (whom, after watching and re-watching Anonymous, has inclined me to keep an open mind as to the authenticity of Will’s character).

STRAND Books Kiosk

So technically, this isn’t a part of Central Park, but I’m going to include it anyway. We’ve already established my obsession with the written word, so this will come as no surprise. I should mention that STRAND is my favorite book store in NYC. Main reason being: indie! Which doesn’t translate to ‘hipster’, for those of you wondering. It’s an independent. Solo. No corporate attachment. So to see a kiosk branch of my beloved shop near the park warms my heart!

Bow Bridge

Something interesting always happens here. Either a Bollywood music video is being filmed or someone is being proposed to. It’s a great place to come and people-watch.

Oak Bridge

This bridge doesn’t have a lot of modern touches. It’s simple, humble, and oh so photogenic.

Wisteria Pergola

There’s only so much you can capture in a photo. I personally don’t think a camera does this place justice. Staying true to Calvert Vaux’s original design, (Vaux was co-founder of Central Park), these century-old vines were intended to relieve park-goers from the summer’s sun. This place is beautiful and oftentimes empty, so it’s a great spot to just sit and think or meditate.

That’s all folks! But wait, here’s a few random winter shots from around the park.

*heart-eye emojis*

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