NYC Vintage Train Swing & Jazz Festival 2017

NYC Vintage Train Swing & Jazz Festival 2017

I firmly believe that everyone should attend at least one vintage-themed event in their lifetime. Let’s face it: it’s the closest we’ll ever come to experiencing time-travel, (unless you know something I don’t.) So you can imagine my utter delight when I found out the NYC Vintage Train was chugging its way back into town!

The 96th Street’s subway platform instantly turned from a station of 9-to-5 commuters to a flashback of the 1930’s. After the Q train sped off, nostalgic R1-9 cars pulled up in its place. I was lucky enough to board the center car, otherwise known as the ‘Party Car’, what with its live music and street photographer superstar, Louis Mendes. I honestly felt a bit out of place with my modern DSLR among an array of photo-snapping talent donning their press cameras.

Louis Mendes


David Falco

Tiffany Rae Knight, the beautifully voluptuous pin-up model came dressed as her own version of the Lady in Red. I was heavily impressed by all the dedication her and other models brought to the event. It truly livened up the authenticity.

Tiffany Rae Knight

I listened to Benny Goodman’s, “Sing Sing Sing”, on repeat all the way home, which was an hour-long ride, but I regret nothing.

If you ever want to attend such an event but can’t because they’re really difficult to come by, I suggest you visit the New York Transit Museum. All their trains are from various time periods and you can go inside and take as many Instagram-worthy snaps as you’d like. There are campaigns dating back to the ’40s warning the world of germs and Tuberculosis-awareness. It’s really cool. Give it a visit. Not sponsored, I just like to give a shoutout to history every now and again 🙂

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