Carroll Gardens in October

Carroll Gardens in October

With nearly every brownstone decorated for All Hollow’s Eve, it was hard to not get into the spirit of it. I don’t celebrate Halloween myself, but I keep with the Americanized tradition of ‘This is the Time of Year You Get Spooked for Kicks’. Though after recently watching The Conjuring…alone…in the dark…I think I’ll sit this year out.

Carroll Gardens is beautiful in the way any polished urban sub-city is. There are few brownstones where I live so walking down these blocks felt never-ending, like a labyrinth with historic-turned-hipster appeal. Don’t get me wrong, Carroll Gardens’ phenomenal upkeep is largely due to the residents that now inhabit it, but a part of me was grateful to see remnants of what this place used to house; the grime, the hiss, its moody ways.




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