Atlantic Antic 2017

Atlantic Antic 2017

Atlantic Avenue’s annual ode to the diverse cultures and communities of our beloved Brooklyn has once again delivered on its word. From my left, a Cuban band loudly sings as lingering notes of amor and corazĂłn resound. On my right, a kindly Rasta fellow donning traditional kaftan garb poses for me. (I think this may be my break into portrait photography, but I’m possibly getting ahead of myself.)


Folk art, political art, street meat, and petitions being passed around give this year’s Antic the same bazaar vibe of any previous year, but with an incredibly vocal touch. While vendors prowl for customers, activists shove flyers into the palm of my hands.




Shortly after, I find myself in the center of this twenty-block-stretch; the heart of the event. Eljuri is about to perform from her album, “La Lucha” (“The Fight”). Deeply impressed by the song “Indifferencia”, I immediately download its sultry sound. The following performer is the young and charismatic Smolsky, singing of past loves and the will to never give up.

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