Touring Niagara 🇨🇦

Touring Niagara 🇨🇦

Somewhere amid our 17-hour-drive up north, Sherry, an elderly woman, turned to me and asked if I’d like some nuts and dates. Her Persian accent was deeply charming, but grew persistent with every ‘no thank you’ I offered. After placing a cluster of pine nuts and medjool into my palm, Sherry proceeded with the telling of her life story. Since I wasn’t up for sharing my own, I listened…intently. This 3-day tour of Ontario’s hotspots was exactly what I needed; some distance, a change of scenery, and a packed tour bus of Persian senior citizens. I kid with that last part. They were some of the warmest, loveliest people I’ve ever met.

Truthfully, I couldn’t have asked for a better deal. Everything on my hassle-free-mini-vacay checklist was crossed off:

  • Accommodations
  • Attractions
  • Kashrut
  • Transportation

Ontario minimally differs from New York, but there are some dissimilarities. For one, every Canadian officer-of-the-law could find an equally promising career in the modelling industry. Not to mention the benevolent disposition of our northern neighbors. I hate succumbing to clichés, but this was a given, (though I should say that my view slightly shifted after seeing a tagged board of wanted criminals.)



Our first stop was Niagara Falls…obviously. Since I’ve never been before, my immediate impression was something akin to a dramatic gasp. Witnessing such power, marveling at one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World, left me floored. Here’s a fun statistic: Over 3,000 tons of water flow over Niagara Falls each second. Each second!


We explored every bit of the Falls. From above, (Table Rock viewing), from below, (Hornblower Cruise), and from within…somewhat, (Cave of the Winds), which I didn’t get to photograph because my DSLR wouldn’t have survived.


Rainbow Bridge

Our other stops included Clifton Hill, (not pictured below), Fallsview Patio, the Floral Clock, I-MAX theatre, (shoutout to Lelawala!), and Goat Island, which is on the NY side of Niagara. Clifton Hill really disappointed me. It felt like Times Square and Coney Island had a commercialism-driven baby and sold it to the nice people of Canada.


Nikola Tesla statue by Frano Krsinic



1112My takeaway? Other than the grueling drive there and back, I would give this trip a solid 5/5.

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