Hiking Watkins Glen

Hiking Watkins Glen

Driving through the Finger Lakes region in Upstate NY, with a short stopover in Watkins Glen, was super beautiful. So many vineyards! Our tour group’s drive up to Canada was just underway and our coordinator thought it best to give us some place to explore. Bear in mind, we’d been sitting in a coach bus for the better half of a day, so this little detour was certainly needed.


Samuel Watkins, original owner of this gorge, (later named after him), operated mills in the lower part of the glen. About a decade after his death, in 1863, the park was open to the public, but only as a private resort. In the early 20th century, Watkins Glen became recognized as the first of the Finger Lakes’ state parks. It’s home to 19 waterfalls, countless eroded cliffs, and dozens of natural pools. We hiked the gorge trail, crossing over Sentry Bridge and observing the beautiful Cavern Cascade. After a quick stop to the gift shop–I loathe gift shops if you didn’t know that by now–we were back on the bus.


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