Exploring Bávaro 🇩🇴

Exploring Bávaro 🇩🇴

Touring Punta Cana was the best part of my trip. I loved exploring the culture and intricacies of such a delightful island. Discovering new ways of life and being reminded of how wonderfully different we all are set a humble perspective.

Before booking one of my tours, I met with Angel, my excursion guide, who wore a silver Magen-David around his neck. This shocked me, since Punta Cana’s majority holds to Catholicism, (aside for a tiny Jewish community in the north–which is one of the places I wanted to visit–but some plans just don’t come to fruition). Angel continued to surprise me by saying how inclined and moved he was by the Jewish faith that he’s taken up studying Tanach with a Rabbi from Florida. I couldn’t stop smiling. I hope to always find connectivity to Judaism in all of my travels. It fortifies me and grounds me, but uplifts me all the same.

The following morning, I woke at 6am to begin touring Bávaro. What with our windowless bus, cacao-making excursion, and horseback riding, this spectacular province did not disappoint! Not to mention the fact that the landscapes of this island had a nearly-identical likeness to The Lost World.


A couple other complimentary tours were courtesy of my hotel, (a mini chocolate factory and a cigar shop), which were certainly interesting but more low-key.

The nearby beach was open to the public and often had nighttime beach parties. Though I couldn’t indulge in the very pungent shrimp paella, meeting the locals and discovering new Spanish music was an absolute delight.

My takeaway? I’d definitely go back to Dominicana, or explore a different part of the West Indies. If not for the tranquil beauty, then for the welcoming hospitality. Til then, I’ll be sipping mojitos in my dreams.

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