Stamford Retreat 2015

Stamford Retreat 2015

Immediately after checking into my room, I couldn’t wait to begin circling the grounds in search of new furry friends and critters. This was my second year in Stamford for the annual all-women’s Torah retreat. It provided me with the perfect opportunity to get reacquainted with old friends, learn a plethora of new information, and take in all the beauty around me.

Aviary Photo_130850771258988992_Fotor94da917b-790d-406a-bdb4-70b90a445cedgoat

Since the birds in upstate NY don’t vary too much from those back in the city, I didn’t spot any new species. Luckily, Scotch Valley is home to many other creatures! While I chased this one butterfly, (an Eastern Tiger Swallowtail–now that’s a mouthful), I stumbled upon a field of abandoned golf carts. From there, I hiked some more to get new angles of the man-made lake centering Scotch Valley Road.



After a full day of photographing, followed by an entire weekend of lazing around, I was happy to get back to routine.



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