Family Vacay in Loch Sheldrake

Family Vacay in Loch Sheldrake

Nestled in Sullivan County’s Town of Fallsburg, resides the small village of Loch Sheldrake. For the most part, this hamlet is extremely charming with a lot to see, but just because I’m stating it, doesn’t mean I actually got too many opportunities to go out and see the sights. For one, I don’t drive, (I know I know, how very NYC of me), but I made well up for it by attempting a few acres on foot.

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My trek didn’t take me too far, since I needed to stay to the sides of public roads, and believe me I got plenty of questionable glares from oncoming drivers. Many roads didn’t have pedestrian walkways, so I needed to turn back and try my luck in the other direction.

I came across an abandoned home and a coop of featherless chickens. How’s that for adventure? I also trespassed a couple of times unknowingly, after which a man began to yell obscenities me.

In retrospect, I don’t blame him.


It wasn’t all that bad. The positive aspect to being stuck in suburbia for a couple of weeks is the glorious nature by which we were surrounded. I took full advantage of that; scouting the grounds of our little village from top to bottom. I helped reunite a baby Cedar Waxwing with its Mama after it had fallen from its nest, which felt really rewarding.

Our trip wasn’t completely uneventful. I watched old Russian movies with my grandmother and hung out with my two siblings. My mother was always whipping up fantastically delicious meals. Plus, a stray cat, whom we’ve infamously named ‘vixen’, kept sneaking in through the porch door.

Sometimes you need to have your options limited in this world of excess to truly appreciate the little things around you.


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